5 Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Accounting Firms

5 Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Accounting Firms

Why do some accounting firms grow faster and make fatter margins than others? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t? 

Every year, my firm studies more than a thousand professional services firms to identify emerging marketing trends and to understand what drives the growth of the fastest-growing cohort. And now, we’ve broken out accounting firm performance for special study (about 30% of this year’s participants were accounting firms).  

In this post, I’d like to share some of our data and insights into the fastest-growing accounting firms—and turn them into a few lessons you can apply to your firm. 

Big Picture View of the Industry 

When it comes to investing in marketing, the accounting industry is pretty conservative. In fact, of the five major segments we studied, Accounting & Finance came in fourth, just above the even less adventurous legal industry. 

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Written ByLee W. Frederiksen  

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