5 Steps to Accounting Success with Intacct

5 Steps to Accounting Success with Intacct

Intacct is a cloud based financial management software. It’s an ideal choice for companies that have outgrown Quickbooks and larger entities that require sophisticated accounting functionality.

Getting started with Intacct is easy. These 5 steps explain how financial systems begin process to ensure success:

1. Decide to Change

Every business in the way their accounting systems function. If your finance systems require using spreadsheets or excessive time inputting data, the decision to change is vital. If your business is growing and you want to be prepared for future challenges, start considering how you will handle finances.

2. Define your Needs

Time is needed to give deep, analytical thought to your financial needs.  Research this thoroughly by discussing this with different departments in your business, consulting with outside peers and doing research. Define what your problems are and how solutions will impact business.

3. Choose the Right Financial System

Now that you understand where your problems are and the needs you’d like to have met. ADS will help choose you choose the right financial system to best meet your needs. ADS will customize your financial system to work effectively for you.

4. Deploy your New System

It will take only a few weeks to get your new system set up. Once it’s set up, ADS will help you manage the system and Intacct will provide you with many learning sessions if there are still questions. Testing and training will be provided to ensure the software is working efficiently.

5. Go Live

Take advantage of the many capabilities that Intacct provides. Your business will now be able to save money, manage growth and improve overall performance.

ADS provides all the IT staff you’ll need to get started with Intacct. We are specialists in cloud-based financial management software that offers the best creative solutions for businesses.

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