51 Reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP

51 Reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP user you may be familiar with their professional service tools.

These service tools have been available to users for a fee of $750-$1,500 each.

Now Microsoft Dynamics GP users can take a sigh of relief and put down the checkbooks, because as of March 2012, these professional service tools are free.

Free, yes we said it. Microsoft Dynamics now offers 51 tools at no cost.

These tools will be able to help expand your productivity and functionality for your company, making Microsoft Dynamics GP more valuable than ever to purchase.

The 51 FREE Microsoft Dynamics GP Tools are listed below.

Finance Series Tools

–       Account Modifier/Combiner

–       Fiscal Period Modifier

–       Checkbook Modifier

–       Fixed Asset Modifier

–       General Ledger Master Record Triggers

Purchase Series Tools

–       Vendor Modifier

–       Vendor Combiner

–       Vendor Name Modifier

–       Payables Select Check Combiner

–       Payables Minimum Check Utility

–       Payables Management Master Record Triggers

–       Minimum PO/Receipt Number

–       1099 Modifier

Sales Series Tools

–       Territory Modifier

–       Territory Combiner

–       Customer Modifier

–       Customer Combiner

–       Customer Name Modifier

–       Salesperson Modifier

–       Receivables Management Master Record Triggers

–       Receivables Management Transaction Unapply

Payroll Series

–       Employee Modifier

–       Certified Payroll Report

Inventory Tools

–       Item Reconciler

–       Item Number Modifier

–       Item Number Combiner

–       Item Description Modifier

–       Inventory Site Modifier

–       Inventory Site Combiner

–       Sales Order Processing Customer Item Lookup

System Tools

–       Toolkit

–       Database Disabler

–       Shortcuts Copy

–       Menu Inquiry Utility

Tools Only Available for Dynamics GP 2010 (version 11) or later

–       SOP PO number Check

–       POP Cost Defaulter

–       Default Add Item POP/SOP

–       Doc Date Verify

–       Decimal Place Tool

–       Update User Date

New Professional Services Tools Now Available Upon Request

–       Auto Dim

–       Auto Post

–       Detail Payroll Activity Tracking

–       POP Over Receipt Tolerance

–       PO Returns

–       RM Auto Apply

–       Shipment Notification

–       SOP Default Per Site Line

–       SOP Sort Line Items

–       SOP to POP Line Reordering Utility

To find out more on these free service tools and their functions, contact ADS Business Intelligence. Our specialists are trained to know these tools and will happily assist in explaining them to you. We will can also deploy these tools and train you on how to use them.

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