Whether you’re a small local business in the Albany, New York area or a multi-national corporation with offices around the world, our team at ADS Business Intelligence is dedicated to helping you find the right solution that meets the unique demands and challenges of your organization.

We have over 20 years of experience working with clients of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. We’ve highlighted a few of these industries below, but this list is not all-inclusive. To see if we’re a good match for your organization, contact us and schedule a free consultation.

Franchises & Businesses with Multiple Locations

Need to view the financial and other business data of your franchise business in its entirety while still allowing individual locations to manage their own internal operations? ADS Business Intelligence will work with you to identify the solution that fits your needs, help you implement that solution, and even provide on-site training if needed.

Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare industry is currently facing a number of challenges due to major regulatory changes and the ever-growing digital health movement. Our experienced team will make sure that any solution we recommend will not only meet your current demands but will also be flexible enough to adapt to future needs.


After almost a decade of decline, America’s manufacturing industry is gaining momentum again, but many companies are still using legacy software systems that don’t play nicely with one another. We’d be more than happy to discuss different integrated options that will save you time and money – and improve your bottom line.


Worried that moving to a more modern financial reporting and fund management system will be too costly and leave with you with less funds to pursue your nonprofit’s mission? Let ADS Business Intelligence perform a cloud evaluation for your organization and give you an honest assessment on how much of a return on investment you can expect. The result may surprise you!

Consulting & Services-Oriented Organizations

Managing finances and customer relations can be particularly tough for consulting, marketing, and other services-oriented businesses. Profitability depends on numerous factors – and trying to slice and dice all of these components to identify opportunities and weaknesses is virtually impossible with limited tools like Excel. Fortunately, there are other options and we can help you determine which is best for your unique situation.

Software and SaaS Businesses

You should expect the same agile and responsive capabilities from your financial management software as you do from your developers. ADS Business Intelligence can help you connect your revenue recognition and subscription management processes to your customer management services, and much more. We also provide special consultation services for startups who need to develop a strong financial reporting strategy to prepare for future funding rounds.

Wholesale Distributors

In today’s world, wholesale distributors need easy access to real-time data in order to optimize operational performance. We can help you implement a customized solution, designed to streamline your business’s operation and give you better insight at every stage of the order-to-fulfillment process.