Are You Ready for Windows 10?

Are You Ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10, which is expected to be the last of the traditional big bang launches, is likely to complete Microsoft’s transition from a software licensing model to a cloud computing one.

Windows 7 was a hit. Windows 8 was a bust. Windows 9 doesn’t exist because “seven ate nine” as Terry Myserson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, jokes. For the company that Bill Gates co-founded, however, getting Windows 10 right is no laughing matter. As ZDNet’s Larry Dignan reports, Windows 10 may be the last of the “traditional big bang launches” for an MS OS.  That’s not all.

Operating systems are changing – and so is Microsoft. With Azure and Office 365, “It’s hard to argue that Microsoft isn’t a cloud company right now”, writes Dignan.

If Windows 10 changes the rest of the company’s model from software licensing to cloud computing, what does that mean for enterprises like yours? Microsoft hasn’t provided pricing yet, but are you ready to pay for software as a service (SaaS)? Windows 10 streamlines upgrades and releases, and combines the best of the best (Windows 7) with the best of the bust (Windows 8).

Everyone won’t sign up at once, however. “Most companies”, Dignan claims, “are going to go with a Windows XP scenario,” a reference to that venerable OS that many enterprises would still be running if Microsoft hadn’t halted official XP support in April 2014.

Sure, some early adopters will approach the “bleeding edge” of Windows 10, but even these organizations won’t begin deployments until 2016.

It’s not too early to prepare your company for its computing future, however. Microsoft may give away Windows 10 on smaller screens, but other devices will pay for periodic updates. Today, the standard for SaaS vendors is twice-a-year updates. Microsoft is likely to provide more frequent updates, however, so your enterprise will need to choose a subscription plan.

There’s still time to decide, but the day will come when it’s time to move to the cloud. Will your enterprise be ready?

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