Intacct helps growing companies

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on July 12, 2012

Growing companies often look to Intacct to help organize their financial functionalities. It is a top choice for companies that are outgrowing QuickBooks. As small to mid-sized companies become larger and global-sized establishments, more organized software is needed to keep track of finances. Intacct is the preferred provider of Financial Applications for AICPA Business Solutions […]

What is CRM?

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on July 6, 2012

Anyone that has customers most likely has heard of CRM. If you manage, support, sell to, or communicate with customers then you may be interested in learning more about it. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM centrally manages how all of your company’s departments (i.e. sales, accounting, marketing, customer service, technical support, etc) interact […]

Internet services may shut down on Monday

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on July 6, 2012

Malicious software may shut down thousands of American’s Internet on Monday. The malicious software is known as malware. Malware began infecting computers around the world when international hackers ran an online scam.  ( The FBI investigated the scam that modifies a computer’s Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS is the Internet protocol (IP) address you type […]

How storms shut down Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on July 2, 2012

On Friday, massive power outages shut down the cloud computing services that run Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix. The strong storm caused people throughout the mid-Atlantic region to be without power. According to the AssociatedPress, on Monday morning approximately two million customers still did not have power. On Friday evening, many users noticed that their services were […]

3 Reasons Why Companies Use Cloud

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on June 22, 2012

Cloud is gaining a lot of attention from businesses moving their software operations. ADS Business Intelligence offers cloud to manage financial applications and to use as a platform for your business. ADS Business Intelligence uses cloud computing to provide businesses a platform to connect people, departments, locations, and entities. Virtually any business can benefit from […]