Client: CV Holdings
Type: Product Designer and Manufacturer
Products: Dynamics GPADS Tools for Dynamics


When Bob Sawyer arrived at CV Holdings as CFO in 2001, the company had just finished its first business management system installation with ADS Business Intelligence. “The companies were still friendly,” remembers Bob. His work at other companies was so frustrating, being on great terms with his software partner really impressed him.

“In my experience, that says a lot.”


CV Holdings is a multi-national company with manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Europe. Manufacturing a variety of molded, finished plastics products, CV Holdings ships to every continent in the world. Their products include packaging for pharmaceuticals, food, and laboratory specimens, and a private label of spill-proof children’s cups.

For the multi-national manufacturing company CV Holdings, out-of-the box ERP solutions wouldn’t quite cut it. Consolidation and specialized reporting were primary needs.


CV Holdings approaches its information technology a bit differently than many other companies. Instead of focusing on the latest features, its primary need is the reliable, constant reporting of accounting, manufacturing, and inventory information from multiple operations.

Most recently they sought to update their Dynamics software to facilitate electronic order processing (EDI), and an integrated shipping system. In addition, 24 X 7 communications were implemented between facilities.


“ADS understands that our needs are outside of traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ,” says the company’s CFO and senior vice president. “It’s the consolidation and customization of business reporting and accounting from our multiple companies that gives me the big picture.”

A number of configurations were necessary to provide the level of detail Bob needed. He also sought to solve some connectivity issues, so they could better share information company-wide.

“ADS does an excellent job of planning and executing the game plan, because they understand that seamless transition is so important to us. They plan for minimal downtime and training. It’s a tremendous benefit to have people who know us so well – like a primary care physician who sees you on a regular basis,” says Bob. “They approach business and relationships in a way that isn’t typical from competition in that market.”


Bob Sawyer, CFO: “ADS’s business strategy is to grow carefully, with stability, with people who specialize in hardware, software, and integration with little turnover. They know our people by name; they’re familiar with our business. You can’t appreciate how valuable this is unless you’ve had it.”



ADS not only understood our immediate needs, they look for solutions that meet our anticipated needs, and design for how we want to move forward.

– Graham G.AdministratorPEF Membership Benefits Program