Customer: Orange County Choppers
Customer Size: 65 employees
Industry: Manufacturing
Customer Profile: Montgomery, New York–based Orange County Choppers (OCC) builds custom motorcycles and is known for its Discovery Channel show American Choppers. The company operates a retail store and an e-commerce website.

Business and Technology Goals

Orange County Choppers (OCC) needed to consolidate and improve the storage and backup of its business data. Until recently, the company managed its financial information using QuickBooks, with data stored on a desktop PC. Other business information was stored on user PCs as well as on file shares—all of which had no established backup processes and limited access to the information to one user at a time.


OCC deployed Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005, part of Microsoft Windows Server System™ integrated server software, running on an HP server computer with two Intel Xeon processors. SQL Server 2005 provides data storage for two new business applications: Microsoft Dynamics™ GP business software, which replaced QuickBooks, and JobBOSS, a shop management solution. Databases are backed up daily to a second server and a tape drive. Microsoft Certified Partners Adirondack Data Systems (ADS) and Allarus Technology Management assisted with solution deployment.

Orange County Choppers needed to consolidate and improve storage and backup of its business data. OCC deployed Microsoft Dynamics™ to support business growth.


OCC now has a robust and centralized data store for the new multi-user solutions needed to support business growth.

Benefits that SQL Server 2005 will provide include:

  1. Ease of administration and maintenance. A powerful yet intuitive management console will allow a single IT resource to easily manage the new database server. As OCC continues to consolidate its business data on SQL Server 2005 it will no longer need to maintain isolated data stores.
  2. Enterprise-class capabilities. OCC will enjoy the same rich feature set, reliability, and performance that Fortune 500 companies rely on to meet its data management needs, along with low initial deployment and long-term ownership costs.
  3. Foundation for new capabilities. OCC can easily support additional solutions on its database server, including a planned rollout of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services.

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ADS not only understood our immediate needs, they look for solutions that meet our anticipated needs, and design for how we want to move forward.

– Graham G.AdministratorPEF Membership Benefits Program