Client: Paper House Productions
Type: Stationery Designer and Manufacturer
Products: Dynamics GPADS Tools for Dynamics


“I used to be here ‘til 9 or 10 p.m. trying to download information,” recalls Paper House Productions CFO Jo Ann Gamello. “Now I get the integrated sales, inventory and purchasing information I need, more easily and quickly, with specific, customized reports.”


Paper House is a designer and manufacturer of unique greeting cards, stationery and scrapbooking materials with about $6 million in sales and 20+ employees. Jo Ann was used to massive software programs, “so complicated you needed an IT department to get anything done.”

Paper House Productions was already using Dynamics GP when they first consulted ADS, but the company needed help configuring the software to deliver more useful information.


The first challenge was that Paper House’s ERP system wasn’t tailored to meet their needs. They already worked with Dynamics GP software, but it wasn’t configured to deliver the most useful information.

They faced other challenges indicative of a small, quickly growing company. As they began to approach national retailers, major inventory control issues needed to be solved for some 12,000 unique products, each with multiple SKU numbers. Also, the big box stores required Paper House to electronically receive orders and submit invoices via an EDI (Electronic Data Integration) system, and they didn’t have one.


“ADS came to Paper House and really listened. Their recommendations were on scale with the size of our company, our needs and what we could handle,” says Jo Ann. “They allowed us to approach (successfully) stores like Target, Barnes & Noble, and Michaels,” Jo Ann explains, “Which would have been logistically impossible before.”

“ADS has given us solutions to several challenges, and they continue to help us get to where we need to be,” says the Paper House CFO, “like the Dynamics CRM system which was recently implemented to assist the marketing arm of the company with campaigns, product introductions and trade shows”


CFO Jo Ann Gamello: “We’ve been able to eliminate one FTE position since working with ADS, reducing our labor costs as we grew. They’re thorough, and honest, with the expertise and desire to work within our framework. Their taking over our full technology needs has been critical.”



ADS enabled us to harness technology that lets us scale up the number of companies we own, without incrementally adding overhead. I can’t emphasize enough that while Dynamics is great off the shelf, it isn’t worth nearly as much if I didn’t have this team of people making it work for me. We feel like they’re an extension of our office.

– Lance S.CFOPet Partners, LLC