Client: Pet Partners, LLC
Type: Veterinary Hospital Management
Products: Dynamics GP, Microsoft SharePoint, ADS Tools for Dynamics


“We now have technology that is doing what we all wish technology did for us,” says Lance Sprinkle, CFO of Pet Partners, LLC, “allowing fewer people to do more, and faster.”


Pet Partners owned 15 veterinary hospitals just two years ago. Through acquisitions, the company now owns and operates 20 animal hospitals across the U.S., with that number jumping to 25 over the next several months. Growth was fast. Manual work to consolidate multiple reports for multiple companies was tedious, inefficient and at significant risk for human error.

Pet Partners, LLC needed an integrated accounting system that would allow them to manage over 20 different veterinary hospitals located across the United States.


“We had a very ‘small business’ mentality for the first few years,” explains Lance. “We worked with Quickbooks, with each hospital having its own file. We’d enter their accounting information, have 15 different boxes with 15 different sets of checks with all different veterinary hospital names, and 15 different bank accounts. Then we consolidated all the reports manually.” Pet Partners’ commitment to each local hospital maintaining its own identity was an accounting nightmare.


“ADS built us solutions that give us more information, faster, and in the formats that I want.” says the CFO. “They customized out of the box modules, and developed some software tools for us as well. Now, from the user standpoint, it feels like we’re entering information into one system.”

The system created by ADS consolidates it all in the back end, moving data into the right hospital and keeping the information centralized. From the CFO’s perspective, the goal was to eliminate the expense and errors associated with double and triple data entry, streamline basic accounting processes, and integrate enterprise-wide information.

“We got all of that,” says Lance. “And now we can get the information back out to people who use it to make better, quicker decisions, locally and regionally.”


CFO Lance Sprinkle: “ADS enabled us to harness technology that lets us scale up the number of companies we own, without incrementally adding overhead. I can’t emphasize enough that while Dynamics is great off the shelf, it isn’t worth nearly as much if I didn’t have this team of people making it work for me. We feel like they’re an extension of our office.”



We’ve been able to eliminate one FTE position since working with ADS, reducing our labor costs as we grew. They’re thorough, and honest, with the expertise and desire to work within our framework. Their taking over our full technology needs has been critical.

– Jo Ann G.CFOPaper House Productions