Clearing up cloud confusion: Part 2

Clearing up cloud confusion: Part 2

Most Americans use the cloud everyday but don’t fully understand all of the economic benefits it has.

American’s are using the cloud for personal and business use.  It’s great for big and small businesses for so many reasons.

Here’s why cloud computing is saving businesses money and increasing their productivity:

Boosts Productivity 

All company’s can benefit from the flexibility cloud computing services allow them.

Cloud computing provides flexibility for small businesses because it can be customized to tailor their specific needs. It can also benefit small businesses by allowing access to all business data from any place at any time.

For large businesses, cloud computing provides scalability and accessibility in many locations.  These businesses can easily communicate, share data and speak with directly with remote employees.

Saves Money

No matter what the size of a company, cloud-computing services can save money.

Cloud computing software costs less compared to on-premises hardware. There aren’t additional fees for updating programs, which reduces the costs for heavy on-site IT services and training.

Increases Customer Engagement

Smartphone applications and customized cloud-computing services can increase customer engagement by tailoring to specific consumer needs.

Many customers these days look to the Internet for help with buying the best product for their dollar. With smart phone applications, company’s can help direct their customers to the best buys for them.

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