Microsoft’s Azure confidential computing boosts security by encrypting cloud data in use

Written by ADS Business Intelligence on October 2, 2017

Image: iStockphoto/chairboy, article by Conner Forrest, TechRepublic

Microsoft’s Azure confidential computing, a new feature for the firm’s cloud computing platform, improves security by adding encryption to data while it’s in use. This allows data to remain in customer control while it’s being processed in the cloud, according to a Microsoft blog post.

Azure confidential computing, which is actually a collection of security features, has been in development for four years as a joint effort among the Azure team, Microsoft Research, Intel, Windows, and the Developer Tools group. As of its launch, it will be available through the Early Access program, the post said.

With the introduction of Azure confidential computing, Microsoft is now the only major cloud provider to offer such data security capabilities, according to the post.


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Written by Conner Forrest