How smart phones are changing retail

How smart phones are changing retail

New smart phone technologies are changing the way consumers shop and retailers sell.

New technologies have opened the possibilities for retailers to track shoppers’ inside their stores, guide them to specific products and offer them the best rates. On the other hand, shoppers now have the opportunity to buy the best product for their buck.

Not a bad deal, right?

Right, because both retailers and consumers can benefit from this. Retailers are more likely to not be showroomed and keep their customer from turning to a competitor. Consumers can benefit because they’re given a customized shopping experience that can benefit them to purchase products at good prices.

This new technology works by tracking customers inside a store. Retailers can locate which customers interested in certain products inside their store. This allows retailers to guide customers to specific products, offer discounts and coupons based upon where they are.

But is it too invading for shoppers?

Smart phone users are more likely to use an app if it’s going to help them. Most users are comfortable giving up information about themselves to a store, as long as their information is not being abused.

So is it right for your retail company?

Ask the experts at ADSBI. We can show you how to utilize this new smart phone technology to engage better with your customers and ultimately save you money.

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