How storms shut down Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix

How storms shut down Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix

On Friday, massive power outages shut down the cloud computing services that run Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix.

The strong storm caused people throughout the mid-Atlantic region to be without power. According to the AssociatedPress, on Monday morning approximately two million customers still did not have power.

On Friday evening, many users noticed that their services were not working correctly. This is because the cloud computing services that run Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix is located in Virginia.

With all cloud software, the Virginia-based hosting company allows customers to access their data information from anyplace at anytime. It is effective for large companies that need remote access, such as Instagram, which is located in California.

Although we cannot fight Mother Nature’s storms and the inevitable possibility of losing power, even cloud software faces these risks. It has been a technical issue that the world’s largest companies even face.

However if your company uses cloud software, you want to be sure that they maintain or exceed industry standard levels for security and protect your data by performing continuous local backups plus streaming backups to a remote disaster recovery center.

So in the event that your hosting company loses power or connectivity, another hosting location will automatically reroute your traffic.

ADS Business Intelligence partnered solutions provides you all these options in the event of losing power and/or connectivity. We will assist you with all the IT support you need so your systems stay up-to-date and run smoothly.

By Saturday evening, Pinterest, Netflix, and Instagram services were running back to normal for most users. It is unclear whether these sites had a back-up server.

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