Intacct Advantage 2016: ADS Takes You Inside the Conference

Intacct Advantage 2016: ADS Takes You Inside the Conference

ADS attended Intacct Advantage 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida to see first-hand what Intacct has in store for its customers. There seemed to be an underlying theme, a specific direction at this year’s conference where all the new releases were geared towards. Analytics.

New Intacct releases are heavily focused on analytics and Chief Technology Officer Aaron Harris has a pretty good reason for that. “At its heart, the accounting profession is about enabling organizations to make better decisions.” It was because of this, when Intacct was building their new finance analytics tool, they decided to over-invest in reporting and insight.

Intacct also decided to focus on flexibility for the coming products. The newly introduced Intacct contract and revenue management tool was made so “Intacct works the way you work,” according to Vice President of Product Management, Dan Miller. Miller also went on to discuss another new Intacct product – Intacct spend management. Intacct spend management is a tool which helps organizations avoid unexpected cash flow issues by governing their spending against budgets. Miller said this tool is especially useful for nonprofits “as they can be subject to cash flow issues.” This tool was released just this past week with updates and additional features being added next year.

Another highlight at the conference was the importance of integrated reports. Barry Melancon, CEO of the American Institute of CPAs, spoke at the keynote session where he reiterated the importance of integrated reports. Integrated reports are summary reports of how an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects lead to the creating of value over the short, medium and long term.

“73 percent of large corporation C-suite executives are not getting enough insight and information from the vast availability of data and connections in organizations today.”

-Barry Melancon

 Intacct is without a doubt setting the tone for the coming year. “Our customers are the growth engines of society and economy,” CEO Robert Reid stated. Realizing this, and adapting each new product to make life easier for the individual customer is a key characteristic of Intacct. Stay tuned in 2017 as deep insights and analytical software tools will take center stage.

Conference Q&A with ADS President, Frank Therrien

  1. What did you look forward to most about the conference?

There are so many things to look forward to but I would say meeting with Intacct leadership is the most rewarding. When you get to meet with leadership and other Intacct partners and customers in the same forum while sharing their experiences, it’s what makes the conference so worthwhile.

  1. Who was the best speaker you heard from?

I felt that the speaker that affected my outlook and thinking the most was Tiffani Bova. Tiffani is Saleforce’s Global Customer Rvangelist and prior to that was a VP with Gartner. She delivered a thought provoking address on “the customer experience” and how we can improve our sales performance while enhancing the customer experience.

  1. What about Intacct are you most excited for going forward?

There are a number of things that excites me about the future of Intacct. The momentum of Intacct in the market place and the opportunites for our firm and employees to prosper is certainly near the top of the list. On the flip side, I’m really excited for all the new products and features Intacct keeps rolling out and how they will positively impact our customers.

  1. Will you be going to the conference next year in Las Vegas?

Absolutley. I already have it marked on my calendar.

  1. Best non-conference related thing you did in Orlando? If any.

Spending time one on one with customers outside of the conference. The dinners and overall social interaction with them, listening to them and learning from them, is one of the highlights of the trip. I know that sounds a little cliché but, to me, that really was important.

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