Intacct helps growing companies

Intacct helps growing companies

Growing companies often look to Intacct to help organize their financial functionalities. It is a top choice for companies that are outgrowing QuickBooks. As small to mid-sized companies become larger and global-sized establishments, more organized software is needed to keep track of finances.

Intacct is the preferred provider of Financial Applications for AICPA Business Solutions and The CPA Technology Advisor.

Intacct helps growing companies in the following ways:

Increase productivity

Say goodbye to manual processes and spreadsheets. Software will be available to remove this tedious work. This can save your company loads of money and can increase your productivity by allowing you more time to focus on other processes, such as monthly invoicing.

Reduce errors

All products have the compatibility to interact with outside programs. Intacct can plug into other systems and integrate with applications your company uses. This can prevent information from overwriting itself and therefore prevent errors from occurring.

Better organization

With accessibility to your financial systems from anywhere, you can stay up-to-date with finances. With the elimination of manual work and integration of outside programs, your information will all be in one place.

Faster Decisions

Accessibility, organization, and productivity will be at your hands. With cloud-base software you can access your information from anyplace at anytime. This is particularly great for growing or multi-location companies. Stay up-to-date with your company’s information at your fingertips. You will be able to make better and faster decisions.

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