Intacct releases Winter 2013

Intacct releases Winter 2013

Intacct’s Winter 2013 release brings functional and easy-to-use features to cloud computing.

Winter 2013 extends visibility and automation with ease with these new release highlights:

• Complete Automation: Time spent handling money changes, invoices, order entries, purchases, and inventories can now be handled in a faster, more efficient way.

• Finance and Operational Visibility: The new Financial Report Editor will help increase better insight to run business. The Financial Report Editor is simple to use and gives management control over financial reports.

Easy Changes: SSO solution can be added to growing businesses by simplifying complex IT with SAML.

Reliable Cloud Solutions: Compelling economics, lower risk and improved productivity with cloud computing services.

Winter 2013 provides dependable and tailored solutions for businesses. Businesses have the choice to use customized solutions that work best for their needs.

To find out how Intacct Winter 2013 can benefit your business, contact the cloud-computing experts at ADSBI.



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