Intacct Winter 2014 Release: What You Need To Know

Intacct Winter 2014 Release: What You Need To Know

Intacct’s Winter 2014 Release will bring insight to a new level along with automation improvements.

Intacct releases a new update quarterly each year with a multi-tenancy architectural approach. The approach allows Intacct to provide customers with the best financial management functionality with a cost-effective model.

How does multi-tenancy benefit my business?

Intacct’s leverages a true multi-tenant platform enabling their customers to share a single instance of Intacct software – meaning, multiple customers securely share a database but once inside, customers can access and customize their own data. This allows Intacct to provide high performing and efficient software by offering multiple updates throughout the year to ensure hassle-free work. Users are always using the most up to date software, so you don’t have to worry about large, costly upgrades that come with using one dedicated system.

What upgrades are available with the Winter 2014 Release?

Intacct’s Winter 2014 Release brings new business insight with dashboards and continued report improvements that include:

–       A new look and ease for dashboards

–       New graphs and reports for dashboards

–       Financial reports option to roll-up by dimension

–       Easily create report group output to Excel with tabs


The Winter Release also extends Best-In-Class Financials:

–       User Defined Books – support unlimited reporting standards

–       Intacct Global Consolidations with IFRS/GAAP & tax adjustments


Automation Improvements include:


–       Exception reporting for project pre-bill report

–       Recurring forecast report with any type of document

–       Transaction rules now reference billing rate

Billing & Revenue Recognition

–       Zuora integration improvements

–       Rev-rec reallocation improvements

–       Deferred revenue reports group and filter all dimensions

–       Summarized revenue recognition schedules on sales docs

Global Business

–       Manage VAT AvaTax – Purchasing transactions integrated

–       AvaTax – VAT# for complex global tax rules, more countries and SST compliance

–       Multi-currency support for accounts receivables advances

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