Is outsourcing safer than privately hosting data?

Is outsourcing safer than privately hosting data?

With recent national news of websites being hacked, it’s scary to think if your business data could also be hacked.

If a company is small, it most likely is less of a target for being hacked. However the typical business can’t invest enough to make sure their online data is secure.

While many are switching to the cloud, the question over whether it’s secure or not is common. According to a recent study, security concerns are one of the top deterrents to using the cloud.

Cloud computing is becoming popular with businesses for many beneficial reasons. When you switch from storing your data on a privately owned computer to the cloud, data is then outsourced.

So how do you know if your outsourced data is secure?

Choose the right provider. Choosing the right hosting company is safer than hosting in-house.

Here’s how to choose the right hosting company:

• They guarantee uptime and availability.  Uptime and availability is important to how it will fit your business needs.

• They plan for major disasters. In the event of a major disaster, it’s possible to loose data or have your systems shut down. A vendor should have plans in place to get you back up and running within a short timeframe in this case.

• They continuously backup data. Having your data continuously backed up can prevent any information from being lost or destroyed.

• They maintain SSAE 16 SOC1 Type II audited processes and control plus PCI DSS certification

• They monitor and manage system operations everyday and all the time.

Other things to look for are multiple fiber trunks, standby servers, redundant network components, and power generation systems.

If you’re still unsure and would like to learn more about outsourcing data and cloud computing services, contact our experts.

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