Microsoft Convergence 2013 Follow Up

Microsoft Convergence 2013 Follow Up

Microsoft Convergence 2013 was the premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics community in New Orleans this year.

The yearly conference had 12,000 attendees, but was kept intimate. Every session was a highly personable experience for each attendee despite the overall conference size.

With sessions designed to address questions and concerns about products, time spent was informative and revealing.

Throughout the conference, the theme of putting customers first with Microsoft Dynamics was prominent. Microsoft Dynamics CRM centrally manages how all of your company’s departments interact with customers. CRM solutions can be tailored and customized to fit the best solutions for a company.

Another prominent theme throughout the conference was Microsoft’s improved approach to marketing while embracing cloud-computing services.

With Microsoft’s new release, their devices and services are more tailored to the ‘always connected’ workplace culture that has become today.

Many Microsoft partners at Convergence already had plans on how cloud computing would improve their company’s future.

Convergence instilled an overall anticipation of the future for Microsoft products as they have created a cloud-first vision that will translate each partner’s unique expertise into sales.

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