Microsoft Dynamics changes retail

Microsoft Dynamics changes retail

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is an end-to-end solution designed specifically for retail stores to track every facet of their business.

Dynamics allows retail stores to track and manage every aspect of their business. From inside employee day-to-day business to the entire shopping experience for consumers, Dynamics for Retail is changing the retail industry to keep up with the ever-changing business world.

With Dynamics for Retail retailers will be able to:

• Track and manage inventory using any stock and sale method and inventory types

• Track item movement and supplier histories

• Export purchase order and report information directly to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, XML, CVS files, or e-mail applications

• Respond quickly to customer needs

• Expedite checkouts

• Access, analytics and share data to the entire business

• Analyze sales trends

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail also powers the virtual shopping experience called FaceCake. FaceCake allows shoppers to try on outfits, makeup and accessories without ever trying anything on or going into a dressing room.

Retailers are turning more to technology as consumers look to smartphones and the Internet to get the best product they’re looking for.

ADSBI can help retailers implement Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and take companies to the next level of technology. To find out how ADSBI can help your retail business, contact our experts.

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