Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is here

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is here

The newest Dynamics GP management system has changed to work more efficiently with everyday business.

With new and enhanced features, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will help businesses increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Here is what Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 can offer you:

CHOICES: The new system allows users to have a deployment choice. Dynamics GP 2013 gives you a choice based on what’s best for your business and budget.

You can now choose whether you’d like to deploy the system on cloud computing services or on premises.  You can even do a combination of cloud and on premise deployment.

CONNECTIONS: Get access to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 from your mobile or PC at anytime, anywhere. Connect people inside and outside your business to give them access to what they need.

Convenient access to tools that are easy-to-use will transform the way your business works by allowing employees to contribute from wherever they are.

IMPROVEMENTS: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will give businesses improved purchasing, inventory efficiency, asset tracking, expedited shipping, balanced ledgers, and much more.

Stay ahead with your business with the best management systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 delivers the results a business needs to stay ahead of competition and keep up with the ever-changing business world.

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