Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365

Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365

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It has been five years since Microsoft debuted Office 365 – what’s next? Microsoft recently announced their plans to combine their sales and resource planning software in one suite, calling it Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 will aim to bring together a plethora of Microsoft’ cloud apps to help manage specific business functions such as marketing, operations, sales and service all in one place. How convenient, right? Integrating CRM and ERP functions has the capability of saving companies considerable time and money on integration.

Takeshi Numoto, a vice president in Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group says, “We’ve always had entries in these categories, but it’s really important and exciting to bring them together for a business perspective. In order to drive impact, businesses need to be able to modify and innovate on a range of products, not just in silos”

Taking it a step further, Microsoft is also working to embed its Cortana Intelligence technologies to provide analytic insights and prescriptive advice to users. Cortana Intelligence will allow sales reps to receive predictions on cross-selling opportunities automatically, thus aiding in predicting which products and services a customer will need.

Business leaders, imagine a world where your employees are empowered with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.
IT professionals, imagine a world where you can quickly build and deploy what you want and pay for just the capabilities you need.
Developers and ISVs, imagine a world where you can build systems of intelligence to transform business for every company of every size in every industry.
Partners, imagine a world where your SaaS apps can be easily discovered by millions of customers and other partners.
Digital workers, imagine a world where you can respond to a customer request or replan production as easily as you can find a new restaurant or book a ride.

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