Microsoft Lowers Prices on Select Azure Services

Microsoft Lowers Prices on Select Azure Services

Microsoft Azure has announced they’ll lower prices on select services effective September 25th, 2014.

The change comes as cloud-computing services are expanding with popularity. Businesses both small and large are moving their networks to the cloud – where the benefits are clear. The benefits of moving to the cloud are not only lower costs, but also increase productivity, improve flexibility, automatic software updates, and an upturn in collaboration for all employees

While moving to a cloud computing service, such as Azure, will ultimately lower IT costs, pricing is still a concern for many companies considering the switch.  Also, with the surge in more cloud users, there are a variety of different services each business can customize to their needs.

To ease any of these hassles and concerns, Microsoft Azure announced they’d lower pricing on select services. This change comes in order to help make it more cost effective for users to build complete solutions on Azure.

Visit the Microsoft Azure website here to see the complete list of price changes.


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