Mobile apps are revolutionizing business

Mobile apps are revolutionizing business

Mobile applications for touch screen tablets and smart phones are changing businesses.

Mobile applications provide valuable data and to business CEO’s and to their customers. It benefits businesses in numerous ways, here’s how it can help CEO’s in the following industries:

Retail  r

The retail industry is changing with mobile applications. Customers are able to learn additional product information, earn loyalty points or offers and provide valuable feedback to retailers. This opens up an entire new way for retailers to sell products and manage data.


With on the go accessibility and cloud-based access to finance data,businesses are turning more to mobile to increase productivity. Accountants can easily track expenses, create and send invoices, access payroll, and much more. Mobile applications using software as a service or SAAS find that this is a great way for firms to stay in touch.


Nonprofits are using mobile applications to help business all around. Nonprofits can use apps to keep patrons updated on news, events and volunteer opportunities. Patrons can also make donations directly from their smart phones and contribute to spreading awareness online.

Mobile applications and “the cloud” can help every business in unique ways. If you’re business has not merged and taken the step to mobile services, the transition is easy with ADSBI. Our experts can reengineer your web services and online applications to customized mobile applications.

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