New Reporting Tools for Intacct

New Reporting Tools for Intacct

The latest release of Intacct’s Financial Management System brings new and improved reporting tools.

The new reporting tools come as Performance Cards – which are visualized dashboard functionalities that examine trends in real-time.


These new services deliver improved performances such as:

–       Results in real-time: Receive trend reports in just seconds of requesting them

–       Track financial and operational data: Simplify your account trends with valuable insight into data in reports that can be customized to provide you with the information you need to move forward and grow business

–       Monitor what matters: Performance Cards provide you with wide insight on various needs – whether it’s a long-term project, medium-term issue or initiatives

–       Improve business decisions: All reports give you instant knowledge you need to know to make smart executive changes

These improved services with Intacct give business owners and managers the key information needed to move forward with confident decisions. With accurate data, knowledge is key to learning performance trends to reduce risks and accelerate advancements.

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