In our years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics, we’ve also developed a number of specialized software tools that enhance the power of Dynamics and further its impact on the day-to-day activities of our customers. Here are a few of our most popular tools.

Payroll Time Entry

Keep a tight rein on payroll information without wasting valuable time. Employees and department managers use a simple interface to enter weekly hours, tips, mileage and many other payroll-related items. Department managers have the option to review and change information before integrating into Dynamics.

All information is seamlessly connected to Dynamics for easy processing and reporting.

Production Scheduling

This tool leverages the information in Dynamics to create a calendar-based view of production schedules. It can be configured to pull sales information including product order information, requested dates, and special notes and requests into a comprehensive, graphical interface.

Track production-related information and automatically update Dynamics to give transparency and visibility to customer service departments.

Credit Card Charge Import

Download detailed credit card transactions from your processor and easily code them into Dynamics. Attach transactions to projects or tasks, and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

The Credit Card Charge Import Tool also has built-in safety features to ensure that transactions aren’t imported twice and allows transaction-by-transaction management so only the transactions that are ready to be imported are processed.

Since the above tools have already been built, we can implement and configure them for you at a very affordable rate. Your organization can get the functionality it needs without having to invest in further development.

To learn more about these applications or to ask other Dynamics-related questions, contact our Albany, NY office today.