Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful customer relationship management solution that can be implemented via the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid combination. As a certified Microsoft partner, ADS Business Intelligence can help you decide which type of deployment best suits your organization and plan out a full implementation strategy.

Dynamics CRM brings the functions of marketing, sales, customer support, and billing all under one roof, making it easier for you to develop a comprehensive picture of your business and gain greater control of your profits.

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Plug and Play

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be implemented 100% out of the box. It’s extraordinarily flexible and easy to learn. This “plug-and play” feature is great for businesses who have common CRM needs.

For businesses with more complex needs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also work as a platform called xRM (the “x” stands for “extended”). By approaching Dynamics CRM as a development platform, ADS can tailor the software to deliver the exact information that your organization needs.

Bottom Line Impact

Dynamics CRM continually delivers ROI to your sales team. It puts powerful tools in their hands, empowering them to deliver their best. Your sales team benefits from:

  • Stronger forecasting tools, showing trends earlier and more completely
  • Quicker, more consistent customer engagements through advanced workflow capabilities
  • Real-time views into key sales metrics to help prioritize daily activities

Immediate Benefits

CRM’s impact on an organization is nearly immediate. You’ll see many benefits right away, such as:

  • Invaluable time savings for sales operations, planning and management
  • Improved customer satisfaction through reduced response time to customer questions or problems
  • More accurate answers to customer requests due to better customer information
  • Complete access to any file or communication linked to that customer

Tailored Options (xRM)

Our options for tailoring a CRM system are as open-ended as our clients’ needs. We can take the customer information shared through Dynamics CRM software and help you use it to run sales and marketing initiatives. Or, we can use the same system to develop other management tools, such as donor management or association management.

We can also help you access your CRM system anytime, anywhere, and from any web-enabled device (like your laptop or your phone). Want to learn more? Contact ADS today to schedule a free consultation.



ADS enabled us to harness technology that lets us scale up the number of companies we own, without incrementally adding overhead. I can’t emphasize enough that while Dynamics is great off the shelf, it isn’t worth nearly as much if I didn’t have this team of people making it work for me. We feel like they’re an extension of our office.

– Lance S.CFOPet Partners, LLC