Sage Group plc acquires Intacct Corporation

Sage Group plc acquires Intacct Corporation

As you may have read this morning, the Sage Group plc, has announced the intention to acquire Intacct. This is exciting news for us at Intacct as well as Sage. Sage Intacct will operate as a separate entity, and the Intacct management team along with all employees will remain and continue as your primary point of contact.

At Sage Intacct, we are excited about the impact this acquisition will have on our ability to deliver incremental value to our customers at a much more rapid pace while remaining laser focused on serving our customers for life.  The key benefits of the combination include:

  • Accelerates Sage Intacct’s product capabilities, coverage and position
    • accelerated product development with access to Sage’s product expertise and existing cloud services
    • growth via investment and access to the vast Sage resources
    • international expansion capability
  • Continued focus on our customers
    • better customer service through access to Sage’s deep knowledge and customer enablement tools
    • focus on mid-market and enterprise expansion
    • competitive positioning with the support of a global brand and tools

Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly says,

“Today marks another pivotal moment in our strategy and we are thrilled to welcome Intacct into the Sage family. The acquisition of Intacct supports our ambitions for accelerating organic growth by winning new customers at scale and builds on our cloud-first acquisitions, strengthening our integrated suite of cloud solutions. Intacct opens up huge opportunities in the North America market, where over half of our total addressable market is located, for our business and for our partners as they grow with us, and it further enhances our ambitions to emerge as the global category market leader.”

Sage Intacct CEO, Rob Reid states,

We are excited to become part of Sage because we are relentlessly focussed on the same goal – to deliver the most innovative cloud solutions for our customers.  Intacct is growing rapidly in our market and we are proud to be a recognised customer satisfaction leader across Midsize, Large and Global Enterprise businesses. By combining our strengths with those of Sage, we can jointly accelerate success for our customers.’

We are committed to continuing to deliver our industry leading Customer for Life program. As we look forward to an exciting future, I look forward to continuing to work with you to finish your Proof of Value and hopefully welcome you to the Sage Intacct family. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Frank Therrien


ADS Business Intelligence

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