Security, Risk, and Business Continuity with SaaS

Security, Risk, and Business Continuity with SaaS

Start with Security 

We start with security because cyber security threats and breaches are in the news on a regular basis. This is an especially sensitive topic when it comes to the software that runs your business. It’s one thing to put your sales contacts in the cloud, but quite another to put your system of record someplace where you can’t see it or control it yourself. 

For many years, long before cloud and SaaS became a commonly accepted form of deployment, our Mint Jutras Enterprise Solution Studies consistently found security to be the number one concern over SaaS. During that time period the percentage of survey respondents expressing this fear hovered between 53% and 58% and then with a series of widely publicized data breaches, in 2016 it jumped to 70%. While fears have settled back down since then, we agree: Everyone should be concerned over security. But we would also contend they should be concerned regardless of deployment option. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking an on-premise implementation is necessarily any more secure than SaaS. That is unless your data center is completely contained with no possibility of access from outside the four walls of your building. That means no VPN access. It means no external consultant or guest ever connects their laptop to your network. It means no laptop ever leaves the building to be potentially connected to any other network, then brought back and connected to yours. There aren’t too many installations, if any, like this in the world today. 

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Written by Cindy Jutras 

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