Retail future: Shop without your wallet

Retail future: Shop without your wallet

Many retail businesses are starting to offer shoppers purchasing options through cell phones that benefit both buyers and sellers.

Retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Foot Locker, American Eagle Outfitters, Nine West, and others are now allowing shoppers to pay directly from their PayPal accounts via cell phone at their stores.

Starbucks offers consumers the option to pay from a prepaid card. By downloading their app, consumers can make mobile payments from their smartphone while they wait in line to order – enhancing the purchase experience for the customer and reducing transaction costs for Starbucks.

Many retailers are reducing financial transaction costs by e-mailing receipts to consumers.  This information allows retailers the opportunity to send marketing e-mailers to their customers thereby increasing sales and customer engagement online.

For retailers, this can be an exciting and scary time as the sales process advances into the digital era.

Stores now have the opportunity to save money on transaction costs, and gain more customers with loyalty programs through smartphone sales.

So how can we help you through this digital transition phase?

To ensure your company takes the best step into the future, ADS Business Intelligence can help you leverage these technology advances to increase sales.

We can help you grow your retail business and stay competitive as you increase sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

Retail stores do not need to feel overwhelmed by these new technologies. Let our specialist’s help you embrace these changes and make intelligent decisions based on your company’s best interest.


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