Software platforms change business

Software platforms change business

You have most likely used a software platform today. Software platforms are used everyday by almost everyone.

If you used a smartphone and downloaded something from the app store, you used a software platform.

If you went on Google or another search engine, you used a software platform.

If you used your GPS or a navigation system, you used a software platform.

Software platforms are changing business and digital technology more and more each day. Experts have described them as “invisible engines that have created, touched, or transformed nearly every major industry for the past quarter century.”

Software platforms are a major piece of software that is designed to run various application programs on.

The great thing about these various application programs is that they can be customizable to your business. They can help you control, create, and manage any part of your business that you’d like.

How can we help you extend your software platform?

ADS Business Intelligence builds platform-based software solutions for our customer’s business needs. These solutions, by their nature, provide a high-level of integration and a homogeneous environment that maximizes their software investments.

We use stable and powerful solutions with either Microsoft Dynamics or Intacct.

By creating customizable solutions, built on platform-based industry solutions, that are tailored to your company’s needs, you are guaranteed improved productivity.

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