The Future of Finance – It’s not found in the past

The Future of Finance - It’s not found in the past

Nostalgia is NOT a strategy! 

Just because your collection of old accounting software, hundreds of spreadsheets, handwritten notes, etc. sort-of-works doesn’t mean it’s relevant or even good for the company. Yes, this “solution” might have been state of the art in its day, but that day has likely passed. 

Old financial accounting solutions are like a well-worn pair of shoes. Yes, they may be broken in and comfortable, but eventually, those holes in the soles will become unbearable.  The future in financial systems is always changing, improving and enabling greater capabilities for its users. It’s not stuck in the past and neither should you be. 

The Renovation Project 

If you were remodeling a bathroom or kitchen in your home, you’d likely want to pick more modern and technically advanced components for this. You’d consider a hands-free faucet, energy-efficient appliances, etc. You wouldn’t pick a bunch of 1960’s avocado-colored fixtures. You’d chose more modern technologies as they hopefully do more, are more functional, cost less to operate and are more aesthetically pleasing to their users. 

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Written by Brian Sommer 

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