Update From ADS Business Intelligence

Update From ADS Business Intelligence

Hello, we are writing today to give you an update on our work here at ADS Business Intelligence.

As you know, software, storage and computing power has been moving to the cloud for some time. Likewise, we have been adding cloud products that we feel our customers will benefit from using, such as:

  1. Intacct – 100% cloud-based financial solution, recommended by the AICPA.
  2. Microsoft Azure – cloud platform, extending on-premises networks with virtual servers, data backup and disaster recovery.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) deployed on Azure servers in the cloud with seamless integration to your on premise network.
  4. Custom software development applications projects. See more on our website
  5. Office365 – Email and Office applications in the cloud and on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Cloud computing is complimentary to everything that we have been doing for years and adds more dimensions to ADS Business Intelligence and expands IT deployment options for our customers.

Accounting in the Cloud: a New ebook from ADS Business Intelligence

Today we are pleased to offer you a new ebook on cloud accounting.  At just a few pages it’s a concise explanation of why smart CFO’s are moving their accounting to the cloud. We hope this is of interest to you.

ebook - cover image2click to download ebook

We will continue to introduce similar offerings such as this ebook, to help you stay current on today’s trends in technology.

Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted advisor.


Frank Therrien, President

ADS Business Intelligence