What is xRM?

What is xRM?

Imagine being able to keep track of all the important information and processes in your business.

Imagine the complex needs of your business not being difficult to access or manage.

That is what xRM can do for your business.

xRM  (Extended Relationship Management) can track all the information and processes around any variable that is vital to your business. It takes all those complex and unique relationships inside your business and manages it to any level that you require it to.

We have previously told you what CRM is and that it manages how companies various departments interact with customers.

But what you may not know is that CRM can also work as a platform. xRM can be developed off its platform to create more flexibility.

xRM allows you to track more than just customers. Finances, assets, franchises, legislations, patients…you name it, and you can easily manage it.

What else is in it for your business?

Greater profitability, stronger customer relationships and more controlled efficiencies, is what your business can develop with xRM.

ADS Business Intelligence will take customer information shared through CRM and help you use it based on your business’ needs. Our specialists will tailor the xRM options to deliver the exact information that you need.

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