What Makes a Great Board Meeting?

What Makes a Great Board Meeting?

In countless boardrooms, it’s a scene that’s far too common. Every quarter, a hastily assembled set of constantly changing metrics are delivered in thick stacks while board members exchange occasionally confused looks and ask basic questions about data and operations. Mired in details, they never get to the real value – business strategy.

At many fast-running Series A and Series B companies, where staffing is lean, growth is the imperative, and agility is paramount, the quarterly board meeting can be a source of frustration for operating teams and investors alike. Too often, these meetings are characterized by a loosely organized data-dump, without the essential narrative and context. Without clear process ownership, accurate data, or consistently structured presentations, board members are unable to understand what’s going on at the company and unclear how they can contribute expertise and perspective to help the company grow.

So what makes for a great board meeting?

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Written by David Appel